KeADILan says Khir Toyo, Najib abusing powers

Fight between an opposition party and a corrupt regime



Press Release

21 April 2007

(Ijok) Leaders of the People’s Justice Party (KeADILan) today lambasted the deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Najib Razak for abusing his powers and attempting to shut down public debates about his ministry’s arms deals.

Tian Chua, the Information chief of KeADILan said, “Najib Razak is a civil servant who takes his salary from our taxes, yet he has been campaigning full-time here for a political party.

“Since when did his portfolio change to a full-time election worker for Umno?”

Tian Chua also brushed aside Barisan Nasional (BN)’s accusations that the opposition had been personal during the by-election.

“Our questions pertain to our public defence contracts and agreements where the late Ms. Altantuya was said to be involved in as part of the negotiation team.

He added, “These are not personal attacks, but everything – from the submarine deal, the purchase of Sukhoi jets, the mysterious murder of Ms. Altantuya and the exorbitant commissions including those given to Abdul Razak Baginda – are all related to the Minister and his ministry.”

Tian Chua also said the instructions by the authorities to the media to blackout these issues and of Altantuya smacked of “political interference of the highest order” during the by-election.

BN’s dirty tactics

At the same press conference with KeADILan’s candidate for the Ijok by-election Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid Ibrahim and Dr. Lee Boon Chye, the vice-president of KeADILan, Tian Chua announced that BN would use more intense and dirtier tactics than those employed in Machap.

He showed a copy of the video CD which alleged sexual improprieties and distributed during the Machap by-election, and leaflets calling Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim a ‘Jewish’ agent. The VCDs were later distributed to the media.

“BN is desperate and bankrupt to reuse their slander campaign materials when Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was first sacked from government; the slander later were proven to be not true,” said Tian Chua.

He added that BN would employ more ‘extreme’ tactics as the polling day approaches.

Is Khir’s RM 36 million a lie?

Meanwhile Dr. Lee challenged the Chief Minister of Selangor, Khir Toyo to make public as to where the RM 36 million will be allocated and used in which development projects.

“The proper process is to have public expenditure approved in an annual budget and an open and competitive tender is called for.

“We doubt this is the case here, Machap or even Batu Talam,” he said, referring to the previous two by-elections held this year.

Dr. Lee said if Khir is unable to furnish the list, then the RM 36 million announced is nothing but a lie.

“BN is used to making empty promises but this time, we will hold them accountable.

“Ijok is more than a fight between two candidates; it is a fight between the rakyat against a corrupt regime,” he added. (END)


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