(Ijok, 22 April) — Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the People’s Justice Party’s (KeADILan) candidate for Ijok, today called for a public session with him and the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate to debate on “The Economic Future of Ijok”.

He said the debate will give an opportunity to the people of Ijok to hear from both candidates and to ask questions on the spot.

“If Selangor is a developed state, then public debates should be the norm.”

Khalid said this after meeting with and speaking to Catholics of St. Paul’s Church, Batang Berjuntai after the Sunday Mass, where he was warmly received by the parish.

He called on the debate to be held on Thursday, which is a public holiday. “BN can set the time and there will be no conditions.”

When asked about having a debate, instead, between him and the Chief Minister of Selangor Khir Toyo, he agreed, and said that the focus should be on what the two candidates can offer.

According to Khalid, the people’s response has been very encouraging and he felt very thankful. “I feel very free and very welcomed here.”

When asked about the allegations by the Menteri Besar that it could have been KeADILan supporters who donned BN Youth shirts to assault two freelance photographers yesterday, he said it is beneath his dignity as a state leader to even comment in suuch a manner.

“We must have quality people for politics … and the quality of leadership is fundamental to the survival of the country.”

Khalid added that tomorrow, on Monday morning, he would unveil KeADILan’s “Ijok People’s Development Project”.

He said this would be part of the party’s state-wide strategy to enhance and restructure the economic framework for Selangor.



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