Toyo and Khairy bracing to lock horns for the Pemuda top slot


A news analysis by

Pak Tam Batang Berjuntai


There is an interesting piece of news-in-brief reported in a pro-BN mainstream newspaper today. It is a statement by the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khir Toyo, urging the Police to take action against any party supporters responsible for creating the nomination day ruckus on April 19.


Says the Menteri Besar: “If someone creates trouble, whether they are BN Youth or Keadilan Youth, the police should take action. No compromise.”


This is a very interesting shift of position by the MB. His statement looks like an indication of an attempt to be fair to both sides. Prior to this, he was quite adamant in maintaining that it was Keadilan Youth that was unilaterally responsible for igniting the explosive situation during nomination day and during subsequent campaigning.


In fact, when evidence of a rowdy group of BN youths trying to intimidate some journalists and photographers, indeed the Keadilan candidate himself, were recorded on digital cameras Khir was quite adamant in accusing the persons responsible to be Keadilan youths who must have stolen t-shirts belonging to some BN youths.


And now he is not just alluding to the fact that there may be a possibility that BN youths could be responsible for acts of violence, but indeed they should be punished if it is proven that they are guilty.


Why is there a change in tune? Has the power of reason suddenly dawned on the MB? Or had fresh evidence been uncovered to convince him that BN youths had indeed been behaving badly in Ijok? Or has Khir Toyo thought of some other benefits to be gained from apportioning some blame at least on the BN youths themselves?


We are all aware that the badly behaved BN youths were led by their Oxford-educated leader, Khairy Jamaluddin.


Photographs and even video strips of Khairy shameful behaviour are all over the cyber world for everyone to see. If Khairy can be made to be reprimanded for his bad behaviour, wouldn’t that be beneficial for Khir Toyo who is expected to lock horns with his Oxford-educated nemesis in the coming leadership struggle for the top post of Pemuda Umno?


Against Khairy’s aggressive and quarrelsome posture, wouldn’t it be a smart strategy for Khir Toyo to portray himself as the more reasonable, responsible and intellectually-inclined next leader of Pemuda Umno – to bring a final blow to the negative keris-bearing image of the present leadership?


After all, should this tussle takes place in the near future it would only be the realisation of one that had previously been aborted through maneuverings in the movement at the last leadership election. Should this tussle takes place again, then this Ijok by election would chalk another piece of history for itself, by being the occasion where the first salvo in the tussle was fired.





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