BBC protest shows BN gov’t not confident

BCB [Letter to]Apr 27, 07 3:30pm      

I refer to the malaysiakini report BBC blasted for interviews with ‘rejected leaders’. With the Barisan Nasional government clinging on to survival, it will behave very strangely, immaturely and impulsive in its campaign for the Ijok by-election.

One of its immature responses was the response of Information Minister Zainuddin Mydin in criticising the BBC for giving air time to PKR .

Any fair-minded person with common sense will realise that such a response is a sign of the lack of confidence on the part of BN and their leaders. If BN is so strong as it claims, why it is panicking at such little publicity given to PKR by BBC?

It only goes to show the rot within BN, I’m afraid. Sooner or later, it will succumb to the multiple maladies which finally will seal its fate. No party or parties can survive long once they have become an appendage of the government.

The people will slowly but surely dump it and this is a natural process. BN cannot fool all the people all the time. The time for change is at hand.


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