Ijok: We shall return

By Ronnie Liu


We walked from shop to shop to thank the people of Ijok in Batang Berjuntai. Almost every shopkeepers believe that PKR would have won the by-election if not for the extensive vote-buying and great number of phantom voters.

PKR leaders were not disheartened by the Ijok setback. They received a very warm welcome in Batang Berjuntai town when they were going from shop to shop to thank the Ijok voters for their support.One of the residents who were present at the coffee shop in Pekan Ijok this afternoon told me that Khalid is his YB and he would not recognise Partiban as his wakil rakyat.

Anwar and other PKR leaders thanked DAP and other opposition parties for their undivided support. They also extended their gratitude to the Ijok people. Khalid has promised to set up a service centre in Ijok besides taking a pledge to check on Partiban.

In my address to the people of Ijok, I said that PKR would have won the by-election if the Umno-led BN coalition have had not turn it into a “buy-election”. I pointed out that Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has estimated that no less than RM100 million has been spent by the BN camp in winning Ijok. I strongly believe that the missing 142 ballot papers were being used by the BN agent to buy votes by rotation , and the two bus load of makciks all the way from Perlis were actually phantom voters. And we have no idea of how many phantom voters have slipped through quietly.

I also stressed on the importance of opposition unity and cohesive cooperation between the DAP and PKR. I said that despite of maximum bribes, threats and frauds launched by the BN camp, PKR has done quite well by winning 50 to 60 percent of the Chinese votes. I also estimated that Khalid has gotten around 40 to 45 percent of the Malay votes and about 10% of the Indian votes. I believe that Ijok will fall into the hands of opposition come general elections in another six months.

I expressed my hope that DAP and PKR will team up to challenge the Umno-led BN coalition; and likewise, PKR should also team up with Pas. I said that although DAP may not be able to team up with Pas, but we certainly can help each other in the spirit of opposition unity. We have no reason to be unfriendly with each other because our common enemy is the Umno-led BN coalition.

We should keep up the momentum from Ijok to Selangor and right up to the whole country . Based on the support we have gotten from Ijok, the opposition in Selangor, on paper, has a fairly good chance to affect a change of state government in the impending General Elections.

Khalid has decided to set up a service centre in Ijok. The party has registered some 50 new members on the spot.

Lawan tetap lawan (Fight till the end )!!!


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